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Upgrade Cognos Analytics

 With over 20 years of experience, our global team can help you design your Cognos Analytics upgrade project and draw up the plan. During execution, we:

  • ZAnalyze Your Current Cognos Environment
  • ZNarrow The Scope
  • ZTest And Validate
  • ZRemediations
  • ZMigrate
  • ZGo Live

Our software technology enables us to reduce costs and time up to 50% compared to manual process. Looking for other professional services? Click HERE.


Cognos Analytics Upgrades


A revolutionary way to keep up with each and every new Cognos version and align your business with IBM’s common release strategy.

Say goodbye to that unsupported version of Cognos, stop avoiding that upgrade, and say hello to The Upgrade Factory!

  • ZCompete on analytics
  • ZUpgrade quickly & efficiently
  • ZUtilize latest capabilities & features
  • ZMinimize lagging & legacy systems
  • ZEliminate stressful tasks & projects
  • ZPerform day-to-day tasks
Cognos Analytics Upgrade Factory

3Blogs & Case Studies

Read the success customers have found with the Cognos Upgrade Factory!

How a 2500-year-old Method can Improve your Analytics

The Socratic Method, wrongly practiced, can lead to ‘pimping’ Law schools and medical schools have taught it for years. The Socratic Method is not just beneficial for doctors and lawyers. Anyone who leads a team or mentors junior staff should have this technique in...
Why Microsoft Excel Is the #1 analytics tool

Why is Excel the #1 Analytics Tool?

  It’s Cheap and Easy. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software is probably already installed on the business user’s computer. And many users today have been exposed to Microsoft Office software since high school or even earlier. This knee-jerk response as to why...

Unclutter Your Insights: A Guide to Analytics Spring Cleaning

Unclutter Your Insights A Guide to Analytics Spring Cleaning The new year starts out with a bang; year-end reports are created and scrutinized, and then everyone settles into a consistent work schedule. As the days get longer and the trees and flowers bloom, thoughts...

NY Style vs. Chicago Style Pizza: A Delicious Debate

When satisfying our cravings, few things can rival the joy of a piping hot slice of pizza. The debate between New York-style and Chicago-style pizza has sparked passionate discussions for decades. Each style has its own unique characteristics and devoted fans. Today,...
Cognos Query Studio

Your Users Want Their Query Studio

With the release of IBM Cognos Analytics 12, the long-announced deprecation of Query Studio and Analysis Studio was finally delivered with a version of Cognos Analytics minus those studios. While this should not come as a surprise to most people engaged in the Cognos...

Is The Taylor Swift Effect Real?

Some critics suggest that she is driving up Super Bowl ticket prices This weekend’s Super Bowl is expected to be one of the top 3 most watched events in television history. Probably more than last year’s record-setting numbers and maybe even more than 1969’s moon...

Analytics Catalogs – A Rising Star in the Analytics Ecosystem

Introduction As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I am always on the lookout for emerging technologies that transform the way we approach analytics. One such technology that caught my attention over the last few years and holds immense promise is the Analytics...

Have You Exposed Yourself Lately?

  We’re talking about security in the cloud Over Exposure Let’s put it this way, what do you worry about exposing? What are your most valuable assets? Your Social Security Number? Your bank account information? Private documents, or photographs? Your crypto seed...

The Importance of KPIs and How to Use Them Effectively

The Importance of KPIs And when mediocre is better than perfect One way to fail is to insist on perfection. Perfection is impossible and the enemy of good. The inventor of the air raid early warning radar proposed a "cult of the imperfect". His philosophy was “Always...

The Quickest Path From CQM To DQM

The quickest path from CQM to DQM It’s a straight line with MotioCI Chances are good that if you’re a long-time Cognos Analytics customer you’re still dragging around some legacy Compatible Query Mode (CQM) content. You know why you need to migrate to Dynamic Query...


See what some of our customers have to say…

Automating our manual testing sped up our project time by 91%

“We’re way more confident in keeping up with Cognos upgrades with Motio. Going to (new CA versions) will take us weeks instead of months.”

Missy Price

BI Analyst, State of North Dakota

Using Motio dropped our upgrade time by 60%

“Upgrading Cognos used to take six months and was a painful process but implementing Motio’s outlined agile approach made the turnaround time 2 months, and kept us within budget.

Ashish Smart

Enterprise Architect, Orlando Utilities Commission

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