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“Great to see how Gitoqlok is growing with Motio and filling such an important need for version control in Qlik Sense.”

– Rob Wunderlich –




1Git & Qlik Sense

Every Qlik developer is looking for that one “toolkit”. The one that makes their life easier and more productive by enabling them to do things quicker within the UI.

Say hello to Gitoqlok.

Whether it’s versioning visual objects and data load scripts directly into your browser, or quickly creating thumbnails, Gitoqlok’s free plugin is famous for adding non-native functionalities to Qlik Sense.

On top of that, it also integrates perfectly with Soterre’s versioning offer!


Qlik Dork - Dork Cast Episode 18 - Gitoqlok


With Gitoqlok’s Visual Diff Viewer, you can easily compare changes between versions of load-script and sheets, and rollback to the selected version without any tab-switching or leaving your browser! Gitoqlok also detects developer copies of apps, storing their changes in an independent branch and making collaboration efficient as ever.

Included Features:

  • ZVisualization Objects Version Control
  • ZLoad-Script Version Control
  • ZImport Sheets From Different Applications
  • ZSheets Thumbnail Assistant
  • ZLoad-Script Sharing And Import

How often have you had to search for applications that create a particular QVD during code review?

Gitoqlok’s QVD Links are an absolute time-saver when it comes to immediately finding an application that generates a QVD file in Qlik Sense Data Load Editor.

QVD links are now added right next to the Data Load Editor code lines, referencing the file. By clicking on the Link icon, you will be redirected to the Qlik Application associated with the imported QVD file – just turn on the Gitoqlok Helper.

No more spending extra time designing with Gitoqlok’s Thumbnail Assistance and Cover Editor feature.

Using the thumbnail assistant you can quickly set:

  • ZThe Color
  • ZMain Content
  • ZDescription
  • ZAnd Even Add A Screenshot For You Cover Image

3Get The Plugin

How Does Gitoqlok Work

Create your own repository and easily track changes in Qlik Sense with Gitloqlok’s version control. By adding a button within your Qlik Sense interface, Gitoqlok allows you to take snapshots and upload thumbnails of sheets automatically. You can directly share load script with your team members or publish directly to the Qlik community with ease.

Supported platforms include:

  • ZGitLab
  • ZGitHub
  • ZAzure DevOps
  • ZGitea
Version Control Git Integration for Qlik Sense

A Better Way To Version Starts Here

Gitoqlok Chrome Store


4Choose Your Level

Gitoqlok Freemium



Gitoqlok Freemium Includes:

  • ZSubmit 3 Tickets Per Year
  • ZAccess To Support
  • ZInstallation
  • ZUp To 30 Apps Supported

Gitoqlok Platinum Starting At


Billed Yearly

Gitoqlok Platinum Includes:

  • ZTask Chain Navigator
  • ZSecurity Rules Manager
  • ZLong-Term Supported Releases
  • ZUnlimited Tickets
  • ZFast Pass Support
  • ZUnlimited Apps Supported
  • Z4 Hrs Implementation Assistance/Company
  • ZInstallation
  • ZTraining

Interested in purchasing Gitoqlok and QSDA Pro together? Click HERE.

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